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Our Hydrogen Heating Solution

At HYTING, we are dedicated to providing a heating experience that is both efficient and sustainable. We combine economical, fast, safe and green heating in a new technology.

Whether it’s an old or a new building – with HYTING we can enable 100% emission-free heating in all buildings – even without complex  insulation upgrades. We are changing the way we heat – with hydrogen. Come with us on the journey to a greener future!

✓  economical
We offer affordable solutions. HYTING operates at low equipment costs, requires minimal maintenance, and uses low-cost hydrogen (i.e., no need for high-purity H2). Plus, it can be retrofitted into existing heating systems, saving you time and money.
✓  fast

Get ready to feel the warmth in no time! Our hydrogen heating system boasts an incredibly fast heating time and efficient air exchange, ensuring you‘re comfortable in an instant.

✓  safe

Safety is our priority. By using flame-free processes and hydrogen at low pressures, we ensure built-in safety and environmental standards beyond most established heating technologies.

✓  green

Our heating system is fully sustainable. It releases only water and heat, completely devoid of CO2, NOx, or fine particle emissions. Furthermore, we refrain from using any toxic gases or materials, such as PFAS.

HYTING Applications

The first areas of application for our technology are in the heating of greenhouses as well as industrial and logistics buildings.
The market launch will take place in 2024.


Logistics Buildings

Industrial Buildings

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